Training with J.R. Ridinger!

The brilliant and amazing leadership of this man has created the concept of The Shopping Annuity through Market America’s Unfranchise Business plan! is the OnLine arm of this wonderful system which gives individuals the ability to create an ongoing income by allowing people to simply shop from themselves, helping others to do the same, and getting paid for it!

Creating their own economy!

“It’s an idea whose time has come.” J.R. Ridinger in 1992

JR photo


Secret to Success with Unfranchise Business

The Secret to Success is following the Result Producing Activities outlined by J.R. himself!

Watch this video to see the daily/weekly/monthly steps to follow to create a residual income! (15 minutes)


Prospecting, Recruiting and ABC Pattern

Understanding the system as J.R. designed it is important!

Watch this video to begin understanding how to expand distribution and build a residual income! ( 1 hour)


The Dash

The Dash is one of J.R. Ridinger’s well loved vignette’s about how we spend our lives!

(2 minutes)



J.R. takes his coat off and gets all pumped up!

In this video he shows how different the Binomial system he created differs from MLM. (16 minutes)


The Container

Market America becomes what YOU see in it!

Spend 12 minutes listening to the master teacher and see if he can get through to YOU!


What Works? What Doesn't?

J.R. teaches that if YOU work it, it WILL work!

How to keep going, and create the success YOU deserve!(5 minutes)


The Tightrope


Belief! Building our belief is what gets us to take the first step, and the next, and the next . . .

J.R. stuns everyone at the Market America International Convention by walking a tightrope! (12 min)


The Hamster Wheel

The 45 Year Plan, or YOUR job!

J.R. climbs into a giant hamster wheel to symbolize the years of spinning our wheels! (5 minutes)




Create your own Reality TV, and build an amazing life, stop watching theirs! (2 minutes)


Programming the Brain

Programming YOUR brain for success!

J.R. talks about the success of Elizabeth Weber and how she created her success by training her brain to be positive!


Filling the Bean Jar


J.R. in his classic style teaches us how simple it really is to create a possibilities list!

We add two a day, and see what happens! (5 minutes)


J.R. Basic 5

This was the original Basic 5 that J.R. Ridinger gave to Dennis Franks’ team in MD, at the beginning of the company.

It is an audio, from a recording J.R. made with a tape recorder and a microphone in a glass. You can hear background noises and the quality is not professional but the passion in his voice was powerful! Give yourself a treat and listen to this original Basic 5 (2 hours)

The Unfranchise Manifesto

Two videos done by J.R. Ridinger, the founder and CEO of Market America and Shop, explaining the origins of this brilliant marketing plan.  This is an excellent look into why MLM’s do not work for the average person and HOW Market America’s Unfranchise business it is the opposite of MLM.

Remember J.R. spent many years in the MLM world and then in US Direct Sales Organization as a consultant. He tried to fix the problems when he saw the unfairness of the MLM business models, but met huge opposition and it started him thinking about how to fix the flawed systems and create a home-based business that average people could actually succeed at!