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What is TLS and how does it work?

TLS Weight Loss Solution


At TLS Weight Loss Solution we’re all about what works for you. Life isn’t rigid or predictable, and your weight loss solution shouldn’t be either. Our comprehensive educational program is custom-made to fit you and your unique lifestyle. Flexibility is key to TLS, which is why anyone can Live the Lifestyle.

What is TLS? Weight Loss Solutions?

What is TLS? and why is it different from all the other Weight Loss Systems out there?

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Low Glycemic Impact Eating

Learning to eat with the Low Glycemic Impact system is important.  It’s based on science not myth!

Please watch the video on your left with Dr. Nancy Miller-Ihli, she served as the USDA National Program leader and wrote a paper on obesity for the White House. She loves TLS and specifically the CORE product which is a fat and carbohydrate inhibitor that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.

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There are videos under the resource tab, a dieter profile to help you decide how fast or slow you want to go, as well as many other educational tools! Website

TLS Weight Loss systems has so many great support materials and tools! They are all free, just check out the website to learn more! The scientifically designed system and supplements will give YOU the support you need to reach your goals!

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Testimonials for TLSslim

Real people can lose FAT, not just weight! See their testimonials on or watch some of their videos right here!



DETOX Benefits YOU!

Target cravings and get Control of YOUR life, again! Detox gives YOU the power!

Beginning the Detox with TLS

Susan Pasqual, RN explains the Detox system used with TLS. Detox will change the cravings your body has for sweets and fats! Don’t try to depend on WILLPOWER, alone! Detoxing gives YOU the control you need to overcome the very strong cravings that keep YOU from the changes YOU want to make!


What is Detox and Colon Cleanse for?

Why do we need to Detox and do a Cleanse?

This video explains what the affect of the food we have on our intestines and why we need to Detox and Cleanse a few times a year to help our bodies function better.


Myths about Weight Loss and Management

Myth # 1  Snacking is BAD!   WRONG

Did you know that going more than 4-6 hours not eating when awake sends the message to your brain that YOU are not finding food and therefore the body may STARVE! That’s right your subconscious will tell your body to go into “Fat Storage Mode” because you are too stressed or not paying attention to the nutritional needs of the body!

Myth #2    All Carbs are BAD!

Low Glycemic Impact eating means we look at the foods we are eating not as calories because all carbs or calories are NOT the same! A candy bar or cookie may have the same number of calories as a certain amount of fruit or whole grains but their impact on YOUR blood glucose levels is VERY different! The rate at which the food you consume impact your blood glucose levels matters! The impact from some carbs is not the same as that of others! Foods with fiber and low glycemic impact cause your blood glucose to be in a stable zone and not spike or crash, causing the body stress and to leave the fat burning zone! Note: watch the video above Low Glycemic Impact Eating 101.

Myth #3   Always choose a salad!

Salads are not bad, but the dressing can be loaded with extra fat, sugar and carbs that your body does NOT need. Add some lean protein to the salad and if you must use a dressing, get it on the side! Vinaigrette or salsa dressings have fewer fats, sugars, etc.

Myth #4   Eating Healthy is too Expensive!

Processed foods are more expensive! Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and fish will actually fill you up and give you a feeling of satiety or fullness that processed foods will not! Using processed foods often causes you to continue eating past your natural fullness, and will have you craving unhealthy alternatives.

Myth #5   Skipping Meals helps you lose weight, fast!

After awakening, you should eat within one hour! If you are skipping breakfast by having coffee or nothing, YOU are literally putting your body into STARVATION mode, and for the next 24 hours you will store fat, not lose it! You are also slowing down your metabolism. Eating every few hours is important for your metabolism to function normally. Plan for SUCCESS! Everyone is BUSY but skipping meals only confuses your body and forces the subconscious mind to take over and store fat!

Myth #6    Losing Weight is Magic!

There is no magic pill or formula for losing weight! It is based on science and the biology of your body! When you have been out of balance for a long time, you may need supplements to help repair the damage to your metabolism and adrenal system. Nutritional support products are just that, support to help repair damage until you can return to a normal balance.

Making Better Choices will Change YOUR Life!

If you continue to do the same things, you WILL get the same results!

Education helps you make better choices! Learn how to change the results!


Fat Burning Foods

Not all foods are created equally! Try to incorporate some of these in your daily menu!