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This page is dedicated to Market America Branded Wellness Products. There are various product and testimonial videos.

Please learn and help others! There is also, a Nutri-physical that you can have customers take on your Shop.com site, which is a self-guided evaluation with suggestions at the end for nutritional supplements that my help them. click here>>> Nutri-Physical.

The Daily Essentials are for EVERYONE!

Foods today, are not the same as they were even 20 years ago. The soils are depleted and so many harsh chemicals and pesticides are being used that our personal TOXIC load has increased and we ALL need additional nutritional supplementation!

Wellness 101 Overview


This Wellness Overview to the left is about 25 minutes long. The Overview to the right is about 18 minutes long. Both overviews are valuable and have some very specific information about the food system and why EVERYONE needs supplementation! This is a much longer version for the Daily Essentials Kit but well worth watching, to educate ourselves on the importance of adding nutritional support!

Dr. Nancy Miller-Ihli

Dr. Nancy Miller-Ihli

USDA Program Director

Dr. Nancy Miller-Ihli is a former USDA national program leader and has written a white paper on Obesity for the White House.

She is also a Nutrametrix Health Professional

OPC3 is a SUPER Anti-oxidant

Due to the toxins in our environments and even within our own bodies we need Anti-oxidants to help balance out the FREE radical damage that occurs, daily!

B Complex - your body does NOT make them, so you have to take them!

Lack of B vitamins in your body can cause so many symptoms; lack of energy, anxiety, stress, agitation, mood problems, neurological issues, etc.

Foods have some B vitamins in them, but unless YOU are eating lots of leafy green vegetables, YOU are NOT getting enough B vitamins for your body to function well!

Isotonix Multivitamin is Superior!

Taking the right form of Multivitamin is very important! Isotonic supplements will provide up to 95% bioavailability within 5-10 minutes of taking on an empty stomach! Where other tablets will need to be digested and provide only 10-20% for the body to use!

Isotonix Calcium Plus


Isotonix Calcium Plus is one of the very BEST and most absorbable Calcium products in existence! Mainly because Calcium is like a rock! it’s a very hard mineral and does not like to be absorbed into the body unless it is found with other minerals like: vitamin c, d3, k2, magnesium, manganese, and boron!

That is why this product is called Calcium Plus, because it includes the additional support nutrients to make it more bio-available. It is of course Isotonic!

Isotonix Prime Joint Complex

Prime Joint Complex was developed by Market America in answer to a request from Hall of Fame NBA Champion, Scottie Pippin! He has had so many surgeries on his knees due to high impact injuries that he asked if there was something they could develop to help him and others with severe joint problems!

Dr. Milan More, is an orthopedic surgeon, trained at Harvard Medical and he explains why Prime Joint Support Formula works so well for his patients, that they can often put off surgery for several years!