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Salons Using Motives Cosmetics

and Skin Care Lines

Motives Cosmetics Loren Ridinger and LaLa Anthony

A Professional line of Cosmetics for Salons, MUA’s (MakeUp Artists) and Individuals!

Created by Loren Ridinger for women to experience a high end of cosmetics at a reasonable price point!

Cosmeceutical grade which means every ingredient is accounted for. You will not find mystery ingredients to add volume and create the appearance of value!

No LEAD! and NOT tested on animals! 99% Gluten Free!

Other products over the counter are 6 % pigmentation. Our products are 11% pigmentation, which means high quality at average prices!

What Do Salons and MUA's Care About!

Top Quality Professional Products their clients can use at a reasonable price point!

Top of the Line Cosmetics and Skin Care! ┬áCustomizable plans for Salons and MUA’s not heavy buying requirements!

Many different business options and professional kits to choose from!

Professional Training available and Professional Tools!

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How can Salons promote Motives Cosmetics and Skin Care?

In the Salon, individually, or hold an event!

Portable for weddings, theatrical productions, pageants, shows, etc.

OnLine, with Motives’ beautiful and professional website for YOUR salon!

Social Media tools and campaigns to help!

Video Tutorials for inside the salon waiting rooms, etc.