Motives bag and contents

Earn FREE Motives Cosmetics without even getting DRESSED!

Lol, just use your computer and invite a few friends and we will help you do the rest!

It’s easy and FUN!

Host a Motives OnLine Party, it's easy!

Hosting a Motives OnLine Party is easy! As the Hostess you and your guests will shop at a 10% discount, automatically when orders are placed.

Also as the Hostess YOU will earn 15% of the total sales for the Party, in FREE Motives Cosmetics! wow, that’s a bargain! So get a few friends ready to invite and we will help YOU get started!

Click on the link here to set up an OnLine Party >>> Host Motives OnLine Party!

We will help, too! We will run the party for YOU, and help organize things. With Demos, Videos and Consultations for your guests! Just contact us to help you get started! Click here to contact us >>> Contact Motives Team.



Frequently Asked Questions?

Follow this link to get your questions answered >>> OnLine Party FAQ’s.

We LOVE Motives and know YOU will, too!

Additional OnLine Party Video Trainings

To give you more support here are some additional Motives OnLine Training Videos that will help as YOU host, or support other hostesses! These are meant to give you information and training.

The bottom left video is about 25 minutes long, and was the original introduction from Loren Ridinger at convention. There have since been additional trainings on MeetOn, etc. to refine the concept.

The OnLine Party can be individualized for your specific needs and your guests interests.

The videos on the right are from Tamira Hamilton, who is a certified Motives trainer. She is an online marketer and holds OnLine parties on a regular basis. These videos were made over the past 2 years and you can learn alot from watching them.

Don’t forget to download the Motives OnLine Party pdf under Downloads – Motives – Training.

Great ideas and organization to keep you on track.