What is a UFO?

It sounds like something from outer space!

An Unfranchise Owner is not an Alien!

It is an individual who owns an Unfranchise Business and is creating success with a proven business model that will work for the average person!

What is a Master Unfranchise Owner?

A Master Unfranchise Owner is an individual who owns an Unfranchise Business and has achieved leadership status by their result producing activities to build a successful Unfranchise Business! The Master UFO program runs on a quarterly basis and can be achieved by following Market America guidelines for this success program!

Why did J.R.Ridinger create the Master UFO program?

Master UFO Booklet


To download the Master UFO Booklet click on the Booklet graphic above

or go to

your Unfranchise Back office and download it directly under DOWNLOADS choose SUPPORT MATERIALS, choose category General Business Building and search UFO or go to #30, which is the most recent update for the Master UFO Booklet!

How do I make a six-figure income?

Successful people know it will take a PLAN for success,

consistent EFFORT and a COMMITMENT to CREATE a six-figure income!

That’s why the Master UFO program was created!