Learn How to Use YOUR Shop.com site!

There are so many features of Shop.com it can be overwhelming, at first!

Learn from those who’ve already done the work for YOU!

They can teach you the features and then over time you’ll learn

HOW to take advantage of your Shop.com site and save and earn money!

Once YOU feel comfortable, you can help your friends and family, too!

YOUR Shop.com site!

How do I use my Shop.com site?

Check out the great videos on this page and LEARN how to save and earn money!

An Important step is to learn more about your Shop.com site and how to use it yourself, and how to show the features to your customers!

Providing savings and value is the best way to keep customers! After all, who doesn’t want to get a deal, save money and get the best quality? everyone, they just need to learn about what YOU have to offer them!

Take the time to study these different Shop.com videos, they will help you learn more about your Shop.com

Learn From Others!

These videos will teaches how to set up a Shop.com account as a customer and invite friends, too! Shawn Walch does a nice job teaching about CashBack and Shop Buddy, too! Jason Pelland and his folks as well as Nicole Avilla and Kate Lawler! Donna Hoy does a nice job explaining Shop Buddy and why Amazon is not such a great deal for the consumer!

Check it out!

Tips and Strategies

There are many Tips and Strategies, here are a few important ones!

  • Always share your site from the bottom of the Shop.com site where you get the link to YOUR site
  • Always set up a FREE account for everyone on Shop because YOU can control the important step of having YOUR email as the referring email, that links you to your customers and you get the 1/2 % CASHBACK for life on all the purchases they make through your site!
  • Always teach your customers how to use your site, never assume they will take the time to teach themselves!
  • Always use a HOME shopping List when you sit down with them, to help them see how many amazing and high quality products we broker through our site, not just the ONline shopping. BV products are your RETAIL profit and can be considerable.
  • Always send a THANK YOU! when your customer places an order with YOU! It’s super important they know you appreciate their taking the time to use your site!