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There are so many other resources to choose from while learning about YOUR new business.

Curious? Take time to study and learn more each day! Understanding leads to Knowledge which empowers YOU!

Click on any of the links and you’ll find there is so much YOU can do right online to learn enough to get yourself started ACTING and CREATING your own business team!

Did you know that when you registered your business that you have many sites with YOUR unique link that will take your customers to the site that interests them most? You can choose from, Motives Cosmetics, TLSslim, Market America, Isotonix. Each site will have the /yourname attached to it, with the link at the bottom of the page for you to share out! site is of course YOUR site to send customers to for online transactions both for Market America Branded products AND Partner Store purchases, they will earn CASHBACK when they shop through your site!

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Motives Cosmetics

As an Unfranchise business owner, you have your own individualized website for you and your customers to utilize!

There are several main tabs to experience. One very important tab is the LEARN tab, where you can access the FREE Skin Care Analysis. Once taken they can see the recommended skin care products for their unique needs. >>> skincare analysis link.

TLS Weight Loss Solutions is another site that you have with your individualized link you can share with your customer base.

Originally created by a female doctor, TLS uses science and nutritional information to help people individualize their own unique plan according to their weight-loss goals.

There are many features on this site, check the Dieter’s Profile that YOU and your customers can take and then get the plan that will fit their answers about their goals.

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As an Unfranchise business owner, you have your own individualized for you and your customers to use! it is one of the sites that you are linked to when you register your business with Market America!

Be sure to click on the Learn tab and the Science tab on that site, too! Remember to sign in and if you want to share the site go to the bottom of the page to get the link to your site.

Click here for the site >>>


Market America Corporate

The Market America Corporate site will help you discover the many details about the company!

Including videos, About MA pdf to download and share.

Click here for the site >>> Market America Corporate.


Unfranchise Training is an official training site where UFO’s can access various business building materials; Getting Started Guide, UBP Power Point, Basic 5 and NUOT Power Points, certificates, and some videos, too!

There is also a wonderful page listing all the Social Media and Blogs for Market America click here >>> Social Media

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Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity is an important concept! Head over to this site and learn more!

Take the Assessment to see how much of YOUR spending can be converted into YOUR annuity!

Click here >>> for the site!

Market America Science

The Market America Science is connected to your site and will allow you to click on any of the divisions and look at science for those products.

Click on the division it shows the products, then you click on the product your’re interested in; click on the DETAILS button and the science, ingredients, benefits and Frequently Asked Questions will be there.

Click here for the site >>> Market America Science.


Being JR Ridinger Blog is the blog that JR uses to update and educate the company and business communities.

Click here >>> to learn from the Best!



When you register your Unfranchise business you are automatically given a Global site for people who do not reside in the USA.


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MA Web Center Solutions

Market America has a division that provides customized website solutions for small to medium sized businesses. In order to sell MAwebCenters to businesses, you need to own one or have access to a business partner who owns one. There is a monthly maintenance fee to own one and you must also maintain your Unfranchise requirements, as well.

Click here >>> for the site. is the website designed to help answer questions about MA websolutions as well as serve as an online training course for MA webcenter owners or those who may want to learn more. This is a separate site with education for owners of MAwebcenters

There is also some great information about MAwebsolutions on

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Conquer Entertainment

Conquer Entertainment is a division of Market America that helps musicians promote their music and personal style, clothing and products to their fan base.

There is some great information about Conquer on 

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MA Capital Resources

MA Capital Resources is a division of the company that acts as a financial GPS to help you manage your finances and get out of debt quickly using the algorithms utilized by banks.

There is also some great information about MACapital Resources on UnfranshiseTrainingcom.

Click here for the site >>>


Unlimited Lifestyles

This website was created by Lisa Grant for her team, but anyone may use it.

There are videos, and more.

Click here for the site >>> is a website designed to help Jackie Blasko’s team, but others may use it, too!

Click here >>>  Check it out and learn more!