John and Vickie Kreider, Master UFO and Executive Coordinators

We started our Market America Unfranchise Business several years ago, part-time! We own and operate a Healthcare Agency, CarePro Home Healthcare and Wellness (link>>> ) and decided that the concept of The Shopping Annuity just made sense! as we continued our education about Market America the fantastic wellness products helped us, and we then decided to introduce them to our clients and friends and family! The results are wonderful and so many people have had improvement in their health! We love Market America’s products, business plan and training systems! Working with so many wonderful team members has given us all so many opportunities to help others and learn, together!

Team Work!

Working together to create SUCCESS for each other! is the way to truly have a residual income! Education AND Action are the keys to success! Feel free to contact us via the contact form with any questions, etc.

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