Motives Mavens MakeUp Artists

Motives Mavens are Professional MUA’s who have over a million followers on Social Media and are influencers in the industry! They are committed to the Motives cosmetics line because it is a Professional line that can be carried in Salons, Estheticians, Dermatologists and other medical professionals.

The Custom Blend line is so pure it was originally used in a hospital for burn victims who could only use the purest products! The Custom Blend products can be created with the client in mind and individualized for their personal needs. They can even be used in Air Brush techniques. However, the prepackaged product are so high in quality that they “do no harm!” Which is not something most cosmetics can claim!

The Motives Mavens have also created specific products for Motives that will appeal to every woman but fit the specific needs of a Professional or MakeUp Artist.

This page is designed for you to experience some of the tutorials, however, you can also see over 650 ProArtist tutorials on your site under the LEARN tab click here >>> Pro MUA Tutorials.

Step by Step Photographs and written directions are given for over 650 different MUA looks for eyes, cheeks, lips, etc.

To access them simply click here >>> Professional MUA Tutorials.

Check out the Motives YOUtube Channel! Over 75 Great video tuturials! click here >>> for a Motives YOUtube channel.

Motives Certified Trainers

The Certified Motives Trainers have a variety of Professional backgrounds ranging from; Medical Esthetics to MUA (MakeUp Artist) to Salon Owners, Cosmetologists and various support related professionals.

They are Certified by Motives Cosmetics to be trainers/instructors in the field. They utilize the NMTSS (National Meeting Training and Seminar System) to provide the professional level of training. Please see the back office to locate the next available Motives training in your area. Be sure to put in a 300-500 mile radius search when locating them, as they are not offered at all times and in all locations. There is a fee for these trainings, usually app $ 50-60 per class, shorter classes are offered for $15-30, each.

Once you have taken the Motives General Product trainings day one and two, you will become a certified Motives Beauty Advisor. You will be qualified to advise people on their beauty needs by utilizing the information from the trainings and the Motives Cosmetics site to assist them.

Here is a link to the Motives Certified Trainers short Bio introductions click here >>> Certified Trainer Bios.