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There are so many things to learn and DO, as you begin your journey!

  • Start with where YOU are and keep adding knowledge and action!
  • Shopping through YOUR site is vital! that’s where you will begin to save and earn!
  • Helping others to do the same will lead to loyal customers if you provide value to them by helping identify what they need and want!
  • As you become more and more familiar with the concepts, products and services we can provide, your confidence will grow, too!

As YOU learn to be a true professional. . .

“You Become a Hopeless Success” -J.R. Ridinger

Learning from others can shorten YOUR learning curve! Here are just a few successful Unfranchise Owners!

Learn More about & Market America

To see the Unfranchise Business plan for Market America and click here >>>  The Business Plan Videos

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Check out how to create income via work and dedication!

Are YOU good at saving money?

This Business is actually very simple!

  1. Lean about the Products and Services, and save money and earn Cashback.
  2. Help others to take advantage of the Products and Services to earn Retail Profits and/or Cashback.
  3. Activate your business with two teams of Unfranchise Owners to participate in the Management Performance Compensation Plan to earn commissions.
  4. Teach, Manage and Support others through education and professional training with the GMTSS (Global Meeting Training Seminar System).


Knowledge is POWER! Learn and then DO!